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Employers need answers to the key questions about
their company, their employees and identity theft.

What is the identity theft situation today?
  What is a Group Identity Theft Program?
    How does a Group Identity Theft Program work?
      Why should we have a Program?
        How much does a Program cost?



“We've just launched our
identity theft program and
our 4,500 employees and
management are excited
and relieved."

Leo Elias,
Manager, Benefits
& Health Services
SRP, Phoenix, AZ

“Employers spend millions
on their Employees' financial
fitness but Identity theft can
destroy much of that in
minutes. A Group Identity
Theft Program is the solution!”

David White
DM White Corp

The Numbers

Identity theft victims in America over 5 years
Federal Trade Commission 2005
Increase in identity thefts from 2002 to 2004
Federal Trade Commission 2005
Percentage of survey respondents who said they were identity theft victims
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
600 hours
Hours needed to resolve an identity theft
Identity Theft Resource Center


The incidence of Identity theft is large and growing rapidly. We have experience with Identity Theft. Having established what we believe is the largest employer funded identity theft protection program in existence today and worked through the implementation of that program, we are probably the most experienced identity theft benefit organization available to advise you.

There are many instances of employees seeking identity theft insurance or identity theft protection of some type. The key element, whether it is call identity theft insurance, an identity theft benefit or an identity theft protection program, is that there is a clear need for some assistance and there is a desire by employees to resolve that need

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